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4 Foodie Blogs I Love

I’m very new to this blogging malarkey and so I thought I’d share four foodie blogs which I love with you and which have inspired me. If you’ve not come across them before, you might find them interesting too. Although the four blogs share good healthy food in common, they’re each quite different and have their own very unique style. For each blog, I’ve linked to my favourite posts which I think you might like as well.

1) DeliciouslyElla:

If you subscribe to my email, you’ll know that this lady can do no wrong in my eyes! She’s incredibly inspirational and shares a passion which she is completely committed to. Her food is all about eating clean – free from meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugars. But free-from doesn’t mean boring and dull; instead, Ella creates recipes using easy to find (albeit a few might need to be bought online) ingredients which are simple and tasty.

Before her illness, Ella had quite the sweet tooth and she openly admits to eating a lot of Ben & Jerry’s in place of fruit, so she’s consciously tried to come up with a number of treats to fill that hole with healthy yumminess. If you’re into baking, I don’t think you’ll find her recipes cheap but they are most definitely delicious. Ella blogs recipes, lifestyle posts and beauty tips. My favourite posts are:

2) The Kitchn:

I’m quite new to this blog, but I found it through Peter (the BF if you didn’t know), who sent me a link to one of their recipes. He’s a massive fan of their other blog, Apartment Therapy. The Kitchn is a rather popular magazine-esque blog which has a whopping 17million readers! Wow guys, that’s quite something!

I’ve subscribed for updates and love finding them in my inbox because their posts vary from recipes, foodie tips to lifestyle and design. It’s really quite inspiring as their posts are always fun and easy to read and all about happiness in the home. Here are my favourites:

3) Healthy Natty:

I came across Healthy Natty when I set up my Facebook page (which is on the back burner for a little while), I liked a few of her posts and she returned the favour by following my page, which was completely unexpected and very kind. As the name suggests, she’s also about healthy eating but her aim is to find the middle ground. Not to go crazy, but to make the easy little changes which amount to great outcomes over time, read about her philosophy here. I love the way she writes, her posts have so much feeling and really is like she’s talking to a friend, this Banana Bread post is lovely and a recipe I very much want to try!  Also, I just simply adore this post about Natalie’s wedding, so beautiful!

4) Food52: 

When researching for my RecipeVix emails, I quite often look here for inspiration and seasonal recipes. It’s a great place to find new foodie writers and bloggers as it’s a ‘food community’ type website with various different columns. Because the site is a community and a collaboration, there is a huge range of cuisines featured and different posts. How many foodie blogs teach you how to get your puppy to roll over?! In all seriousness, they come up with some great posts (such as this one on how to reduce water consumption) to help you think about reducing waste and doing your bit to help create a better world.

I really hope you’ve found something new and inspiring today.

Until next time, take care!


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