5 Things You’ll Gain From 10 Minutes of Yoga

Today, I share 5 things that you’ll gain by getting just 10minutes of yoga practice in your life, for a couple of times a week.

Shortly after going through the rather stressful process of buying our first home, I decided to buy a yoga mat. With that and a few YouTube videos later, I’ve kept the truly wonderful experience of yoga in my life. I’ve not bothered with fancy lessons, I just dedicate 10minutes or so of my time in a morning, afternoon or evening to just ‘be’ with a guided video from the internet, and I feel so much better for it. And here’s why…


1. You’ll Gain the Ability to Breathe Properly – Often, we forget how to breathe correctly and it’s only when we actually take time to focus on our breath that we realise that we’re not breathing as deeply as we could or in the correct place. Most yoga sessions spend a couple of minutes at the start which focus on breathing to get as much air into our lungs and belly, and back out again through our mouth to aid the practice, but also to help relieve stress and aid digestion. By having time to listen to our body, we can increase awareness as to how our bodies are feeling.

2. You’ll Gain Time to Let Go and Just Be – my favourite part of yoga practice is shavasana. This happens at the end of the session after you’ve moved your body and when you come to just ‘be’ on your mat. You lay there (hopefully) with nothing in your mind, just in a state of calm. It really is so good and a great way to start a day or end a busy one! By having this time, it can really help to calm and rest the mind.


3. You’ll Gain a Calming Reset Button in Your Day – if like me, you work from home a fair bit, it can be hard to step away from your desk at the end of the day and to get in the swing of home-life. My best and favourite technique to transition into the evening, is by doing 10mins of yoga straight after work with Peter. It helps to clear your mind of what you were thinking about at work and gets both of us into the same state of mind, calm!

4. You’ll Gain a Sense of Achievement – although yoga might not be about throwing weights around or running that extra mile, it can still provide a really great sense of achievement. What’s great about it is that you can work at your own level and push as hard or as little as you feel comfortable with. For me, it’s not about putting my body in strange positions, it’s about calming my mind. It’s a great way to get a little bit of movement, calm and positive energy into your life, all in one go.

5. You’ll Gain a Better Nights Sleep – if you practice yoga before you go to bed, you’ll go to sleep with a quieter mind than when you started. Your body will feel rested and relaxed… trust me!

And all you need to be able to do a little yoga, is yoga mat (I bought this one) and the ability to access YouTube. Here’s my favourite yoga video: