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Coughs and Sneezes: 3 Recipes to help you Fight that Cold!

For the last week, Peter and I have both been struck by the dreaded cold and have been doing anything and everything to fight it (as naturally as possible). Here are 3 links to recipes which have helped us (and hopefully you too!!) to lessen the impact of our colds and reduce their time with us:

1) Honey and Lemon Hot Water: Peter and I have been dosing up on honey and lemon hot water for the past week. It definitely does well in soothing a sore throat and is a good way of keeping us hydrated. Citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and oranges are high in vitamin C and although they might not keep the cold away, they will help to shorten the amount of time the cold hangs around. The article I’ve linked to above, however, suggests that if you drink it every morning, you might actually keep colds at bay! They do stress that organic lemon and raw honey is best, but if you’re consuming it like Peter and I, just the best (unprocessed) you can find in the shops will do. Stick to whole lemons rather than bottled lemon juice and good quality honey – and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

2) Good Food Roasted Carrots: This delicious recipe uses Apple Cider Vinegar which not only aids digestion but helps to alkalise your body making it harder for germs to take hold. According to this article, taking Apple Cider Vinegar on the first onset of a cold, will help to lessen the effect of the germ, helping your body to recover faster. In addition, the vinegar aids digestion and reduces inflammation.

3) Jamie Oliver’s Thai Chicken Laksa: Seeing as my cold has taken hold and is intent on staying awhile, I’ve made this thai chicken dish to help ‘sweat’ the cold out! This beauty of a recipe includes two chillies, garlic,  fresh herbs and a good helping of turmeric, all of which are fantastic at helping to kick start your immune system. In addition, the spicy hit helps to clear your airways.

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What are your cold fighting tips and recipes? Do share!!