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Fight to Save the BBC’s Recipe Archive

It’s been announced that the BBC will be cutting the amount of ‘soft news’ content on their website, including recipes, travel content, and magazine articles. In fact, it’s anticipated that save for recent television programme related recipes, the vast collection of culinary knowledge will be lost to the delete button due to the notion that the website is ‘too wide reaching’, making it difficult for commercial rivals to compete.

Personally (and like Jack Monroe), I think it’s sad that this content will be lost and made unavailable to the millions of people who visit BBC’s website because not everyone learns to cook from books or family. A fair few people rely on sites like the BBC’s for easy, inexpensive ideas on what and how to cook, without having to spend money on a cookery book which they might only pick up once or twice. But, not only am I sad for the loss of the recipes, but more for the fact that it’s a platform, and a very popular one (did you know that the BBC’s website is the UK’s sixth most visited site?) that could have helped to spread new ways of thinking about food and new ways of eating.

For me, this announcement from the BBC has made it even clearer to me why I love to share recipes with you. Sharing our knowledge, for many things, is the only way that we’ll develop as people and as a group. And in terms of being able to prevent food related illnesses; sharing good wholesome recipes to as many people as we can, will slowly help to start a movement away from relying on processed, refined options.

And on a personal level, food is something that brings people together and starts conversations, and through sharing my passion for recipes via my email newsletter (subscribe!) and this blog, I’ve been lucky enough to make new friends who I wouldn’t have otherwise met.

If you want to save the BBC’s Recipe Content, SIGN THE PETITION ON CHANGE.ORG here: https://www.change.org/p/bbc-save-the-bbc-s-recipe-archive?source_location=discover_feed