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Healthy Natty’s Banana Bread

I’ve never made banana bread before, and so I thought I’d give Healthy Natty’s recipe a whirl (while you’re checking out the recipe, have a look around her blog, it’s lovely!).

The recipe doesn’t use refined sugars and can be made with almond milk and wholemeal flour. I don’t buy almond milk and so I used dairy, and I also had an unopened packet of ordinary self-raising flour so I used this instead of wholemeal. I think the almond milk might have added a little extra sweetness and perhaps also enhanced the nutty flavour from the pecans.

Natalie suggests using medjool dates but I’ve found a great substitute for these in Tesco’s, which are Halawi Dates. They’re under half the price of medjool dates and, although they’re not quite as big or as squidgy, they’re just as yummy. Because of the size difference in the dates, I doubled the quantity that Natalie recommended.

This bread (or cake?!) made a lovely accompaniment to a cup of tea, and a healthy snack for a long train journey. Make sure you use up those ripe bananas for this beauty. One thing I’d also add, it matures beautifully! I think it was at its best after two days and possibly could have got better, however it was gone before then!!