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Honey & Co. Pomegranate Molasses Chicken with Bulgar Wheat Salad

Having been thoroughly inspired by a recent lunch at Honey & Co. I decided to cook a recipe from their book, Pomegranate Molasses Chicken with Bulgar Wheat Salad for a lunch with Peter’s parents.

Don’t be put off by a few lesser known ingredients such as pomegranate molasses and bulgar wheat. Pomegranate (seeds, juice and molasses) is used frequently within middle eastern cooking and adds a burst of sweet, sour and stickiness depending on what form it’s in. This recipe uses both the seeds and molasses. The seeds, which can be scooped out of the fruit and separated from the white pulp are used in the bulgar wheat salad, with the molasses forming the base of the chicken marinade. Pomegranate molasses is widely available in supermarkets and is a reduction from the juice of a tart pomegranate variety to form a thick dark red syrup.

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I’ve always been a bit scared cooking chicken thighs, but I plucked up the courage and decided to keep to the recipe. I mistakenly bought on the bone and skin on….I didn’t bother removing the bone but did peel off the skin, which was easy enough. The thighs were marinaded for two hours in a mix of pomegranate molasses, chilli, seasoning and oil for two hours. Honey & Co. suggest that up to 48hrs of marinading time would be the optimum time, and although the chicken turned out tasty enough after two, I would imagine longer would really bring out the flavours and reduce the marinade to a sticky yumminess.

The thighs get cooked on a medium-high heat in a pan on the top for about 5mins each side (I kept them on longer than Honey & Co. suggested as they took a little longer to brown), then popped in the oven for 12mins on 180c (fan) to cook through.Check out a video I made whilst doing this step!

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The bulgar wheat wasn’t cooked how I’d normally do it (which is similar to quinoa / rice) but instead more like couscous, by pouring boiling water over it to cover and left to stand for 5mins. Once all the water was socked up, I added all the remaining ingredients.

My gosh, the chicken and bulgar wheat salad was such a beautiful mix. This recipe brought my memories back of our meal at their café as it used all the essential middle eastern ingredients and I’m proud to say that one comment around the table was the beautiful dish looked like “restaurant quality presentation”.

A big thumps up from us and so easy! It’s a very quick (not taking into account marinading time) and relatively cheap dish to make.

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