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No Sugar Diary – Week 1


A week ago, I decided to quit sugar for eight weeks to free myself from the refined chocolate bars and puddings that I turn to when a craving hits or when I’ve had a hectic day. To find out more about the reasons why I’ve set this personal challenge and how I’ll be doing it, have a quick flick to this post, Why I’m Quitting Sugar. But for now, here’s how week 1 of the challenge went!

Day 1

Today’s gone well, slightly daunting to think that I’ll be giving up things like birthday cakes, and even healthy cookies like some of my favourite Deliciously Ella cookies, but I know that I really really can’t keep on with my cravings. They’re dictating what I think and what I eat. I didn’t have a leftover lunch today and instead bought a Nutty Superfood Salad from M&S which had the lowest added sugars and a box of carrots with hummus (again with only traces of sugar). Instead of a 4pm chocolate bar, I opted for a pot of olives and feta cheese – yum! Roll on tomorrow!

Day 2

I worked from home today so I was away from temptation and was able to make myself some really yummy snacks – including: roasted cashews and almonds with all spice, ginger, cinnamon and coconut oil, as well as half an avocado filled with tahini, pumpkin seeds and topped with some fried halloumi. No cravings for sugar at all – happy days! Wish it was always going to be this easy. Below is what I ate today!

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Day 3

I was wondering what I would be like when I eventually went into the office where temptation usually lies… but luckily I managed to say no to the two boxes of my favourite sweeties – Black Jacks. Oh man, Black Jacks. No! I’m strong… I don’t need them. So, I stayed strong and I stayed strong when I went into town for my lunch hour, choosing to top up my snacks with a pot of boiled egg, spinach and smoked salmon, along with some cider vinegar crisps (which only had a trace of sugar) from Pret. I also devoured half an avocado with tahini and pumpkin seeds, a handful or two of cashews and almonds, and my leftover lunch.

Before we hit the gym in the evening, I had two teaspoons of almond butter to satisfy a mild sugar / hunger craving and then worked out for an hour. After that, I made Deliciously Ella’s Easy Ratatouille without the honey, and served with brown rice pasta and avocado, with a drizzle of tahini. Delicious! Now for an Earl Grey before bed!

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Day 4

I worked from my parents’ house today, who were inquisitive about the challenge. They did try to tempt me with chocolate revels and Maderia cake, but I stayed straight and nibbled on nuts as a snack, avocado and my delicious left over lunch of Deliciously Ella ratatouille. No sugary treats consumed and no added sugar either, happy days!

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Day 5

Busy day at work today – I rustled up some Deliciously Ella tamari trail mix which kept me going until I was able to get my lunch at 5pm…. ended up walking to M&S for their superfood nut salad with a trace of added sugar. Also enjoyed an ale from the Cairngorms, just not as nice as the Cairngorm Brewery ones unfortunately! Here’s to a successful long weekend!

Man, I have a banging headache right now.. and usually I would go hunt out some sugar to cure it…. must sleep it off today though.

Day 6

I’ve very nearly done a week of no sugar! I woke up with the headache I went to sleep with, but I think it’s caused by lack of water – need to keep hydrated! Today, Peter and I met my sister and brother-in-law to watch the Premiership Rugby Final between Saracens and Exeter. I bought an M&S picnic with a lovely selection of low added sugar sandwiches, carrot sticks and humus, olives and some picnic pork pies. We then had a curry after the match, I made sure to pick a meal which didn’t have a creamy-base and chose a tandoori prawn curry.

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Day 7

We started the day with a delicious breakfast of crumpets (made from sourdough and very little to no sugar), topped with smashed avocado, organic unsmoked bacon and a poached egg – delicious! Our lunch was grated courgette and carrots, mixed in with green lentils and pesto and served with halloumi. We then went to a friends for a BBQ, which again I mostly managed to avoid sugar, although I don’t think my glass of prosecco was wholly within the no sugar rules!

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