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Oh Beans Gets the Glow: Week 5 – Catching our Breath

Over the last couple of weeks, it’s felt as if Peter and I have been pretty ‘non-stop’. Which is great, we love doing things and having exciting bits and bobs planned to look forward to, but sometimes, we’ve just got to remember to stop. Take a breath and rest. 

Week 5 of Madeleine’s Get the Glow challenge is all about resting and digesting. She emphasises the importance of being mindful as to what, when and how we eat and links this to how we feel. But she also helps us understand that mindfulness isn’t just about how we eat, it’s about getting out of heads and into our hearts. Reducing the clutter and background chatter in our heads helps to make us feel lighter in life and ultimately, happier.

The last couple of weeks, Peter and I have had quite busy evenings and weekends, spending time in Cambridge, Wales, at The Athlete Centre or busy at work. This has meant that Peter, especially, has been feeling quite exhausted and lacking energy. More than ever, we’ve been needing to slow down. So I’ve decided to share a few things which we do each day to try to slow down and reconnect with our hearts and ourselves. I’ve also listed a few things which I’ve learnt from Get the Glow  week 5 which I hope to continue and incorporate.

Tips for Helping You Take Time Out in a Busy Day

  • 5 minutes of calm before you head out for the day – Each morning before work, we make sure that we save 5 minutes for ‘calm’ after running about getting breakfast and our bags sorted. Our 5 minutes of calm is us cuddling on the sofa, eyes closed, blanket keeping us warm, quietly lapping up being in each others arms. I adore this special time in the mornings as it’s so lovely just ‘to be’ with each other. And if one of us has got out of bed the ‘wrong side’, it helps to reset us and puts us back on our happy way.
    • Make time to sit and ‘be’ quietly with yourself, your partner, housemate, friend or pet. Try not to think of too much, just concentrate on being comfortable and still.

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  • Make a point of ‘reconnecting’ when you get home from work – Quite often we get home and carry on working or get straight into the kitchen. Then we get annoyed that our housemate or partner hasn’t taken the time to ask us how our day was or how the meeting went. Well rewind. If you come home, make a cuppa and sit down to just settle for 5 minutes and get into the ‘being at home’ mode, you’ll feel calmer. Peter and I have realised that we have much nicer evenings when we come home, sit down and chat about our days and then get to cooking, cleaning or watching that film.
    • Just like the mornings, take time out when you get in. Ask your partner, sister, friend, housemate etc. how their day was and tell them about yours. Take 5 minutes to chill. You’ll feel refreshed, I promise.
  • Work out Once you find something that you love, be it CrossFit, Zumba, running or walking everyday – you’ll soon find that working out is a great way of taking time out whilst doing something positive for your mind and body. Peter and I go to The Athlete Centre 2 to 3 times a week together and find that it completely resets out moods, we feel more awake and strong.
    • Find an activity which you love, try to buddy up (like Madeleine suggests in her week 5 chapter) and make a point of going either before work in the morning or after work – you’ll soon find that it helps you to clear that head of yours. 

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  • Sit down and eat dinner together, at the table – This is one thing that Peter and I always try to do. We start our day sitting up at the table eating breakfast together and eat our dinner here too. It helps us reconnect with each other whilst also aiding digestion. We try not to be looking at our phones, laptops or books and instead, talk face to face!
    • Eating dinner at the table makes you more aware of what you’re eating and how you’re eating. It’s also a brilliant place for catching up with friends. Ditch that tray!

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Get the Glow Week 5 Tips which I’ll be Carrying on for Rest and Calm

  • Chewing my food more
    • Sometimes I have a habit of gobbling down my food… so I’m going to be carrying on with Madeleine’s advice of chewing more and as a result, eating less. Eating slower helps your stomach connect with your brain to tell you when you’re full.
  • Dry brushing
    • I hadn’t heard of this before I read Madeleine’s week 5 chapter. Dry brushing is literally just that. Get a natural bristle brush and brush upwards gently over your skin, starting at your toes working up. Do this before showers and baths. Apparently, if you incorporate this into your routine, you’ll aid circulation, muscle tone and will help that glow to grow.


  • Epsom Salt baths
    • Something else I hadn’t heard of before! I went out and bought some Epsom bath salts (from Holland & Barrett) last Tuesday and had such a lovely relaxing bath with a cup full of the salts. My skin felt amazing and my nails looked beautiful afterwards. These salts are great as they help to relax your muscles by soaking up the natural magnesium sulphate. Epsom salts come from Epsom! This is quite an interesting read!
  • Chamomile tea before bed
    • There is nothing better than to sit in bed with a chamomile tea before heading off to the world of nod. I like to sit with a cuppa and just switch off. Stare in to space, savouring my tea. The chamomile helps you relax and helps settle your stomach.

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  • Do-not-disturb evenings
    • I love Instagram, I find it hard not to have a ‘quick’ look but a quick look always turns into 10, 15 minutes and so I really want to start a new habit with Peter. Switching off from social media and emails and ok, all screens! at least an hour before bed. This will help our eyes to re-adjust, our minds to wind down and for us to reconnect with our world!

What’s your favourite way to catch your breath in a busy day?