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Percy Pigs Banished! A Brilliant Idea or a bit Big Brother

The other week, news broke that M&S’ dear Percy would be banished from their check-out aisle to the back of the store, along with many of his friends and other confectionary. What would be replaced in this void?

Alternative healthy goodies!

If you missed it in the papers, read about it here: The Independent & Daily Mail

Having read into the power of marketing and persuasiveness that supermarkets have over us, I really do think that this is a very positive step forward in helping to reduce the amount of sugar we consume (if you’re not yet decided about sugar – check out Fed Up!).

By removing confectionary from the vicinity of the checkouts, I think it will do the following:

  • Remove temptation from children. Next time have a look around your M&S / Tesco / WHSmith etc. and notice how much of the confectionary around the checkouts are at the eye level of children. By moving Percy away from the checkouts it’ll mean that children are less likely to be attracted by the colourful ‘friendly’ appearance of the packaging.
  • For us adults, after a hectic decision filled day at work, when we’re queuing to pay, our minds are less likely to make another good decision and are more likely to opt for the sweet fix. This is ‘decision fatigue‘. Removing the confectionary will help to reduce mindless sugar splurges.

Those are my two key thoughts on it anyway. But when I posted the link to the article on Oh Beans’ Facebook Page, it sparked quite a conversation. One I hadn’t quite bargained on. I was surprised to read that the people who commented weren’t quite as taken with the idea and felt that good parenting and education was the way forward rather than re-training the consumer or ‘nanny state’ type approach.

I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts on this. Here’s the link to the Facebook post where you can get involved in the conversation.

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